RD Biography

I, Rupendra Shrestha (also rD Shrestha), son of Mr. Rudra Prasad Shrestha and Mrs. Basanta Kumari Shrestha, is a permanent resident of Tilottama Municipality-03, Rupandehi, Lumbini, Nepal.

I am a young researcher with expertise in clinical molecular genetics, genetic counseling, clinical laboratory medicine, stem cells as well as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. I completed a Ph.D. from Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan with a focus on hiPSC-derived retinal organoids and transplantation of hiPSC-RPE cells in RCS degenerative rats. Academically, I am honored with M.Sc. in human genetics and B.Sc. in laboratory medicine with excellent grades. I have contributed as a clinical molecular geneticist in Manipal Hospital, India, and Medical Laboratory Technologist in Bir Hospital, Nepal. Also, I worked as a research fellow at IBAB, India. I have a few international publications and presented papers in several conferences/annual meetings. I was honored with numerous best paper presentation awards, travel awards, and best academic performance. My professional experience might be limited but could contribute scientifically in the field of my expertise.

Lastly, rD says, “Live with dignity, live for others that is how someone earns respect. Life involved things greater than money.”


(Shrestha RUPENDRA RD, MS, Ph.D.)