“Shine, have an impact on society, but don’t use accomplishments for self-promotion.”

I am a fellow of Science with positive qualities like cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and caring that complement my professional profile and demonstrate my passion for work and desire to make a difference. These qualities contribute to a positive work environment and make me an asset to any team I’m a part of.

As an independent and self-motivated researcher with expertise in Stem Cell Research, Organoids, Tissue Engineering, Human Genetics, CRISPR/Cas9 editing, and Laboratory Medicine, I have unique talents and knowledge that can significantly impact the field of experimental and molecular medicine. I am dedicated, skilled, and enthusiastic, with the potential to leave a lasting imprint on biology and beyond.

It is essential to be transparent about one’s professional skills for the benefit of society. This is particularly true in the field of Science, where sharing expertise, ambitions, and scientific endeavors can lead to collaboration, recognition, and the advancement of knowledge.

Love & Hugs

(Rupendra Shrestha, MS, PhD)