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Scientific Publications

  1. Shrestha R. Induced pluripotent stem cells are Japanese brand sources for therapeutic cells to pretrial clinical research. Progress in Stem Cell. 2020; 7:296-303
  2. Shrestha R, Wen Y-T, Tsai R-K. Effective differentiation and biological characterization of retinal pigment epithelium derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells. Current Eye Research. 2020;45:1155-1167.
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  6. Khadka K, Shrestha R*, Pandit S, Pandit R, Bastola A. Late response of antiretroviral therapy in an HIV-1-infected patient due to Hepatitis B and C coinfections: the first case report in Nepal. Case Reports in Medicine2019; 2070973:6.
  7. Shrestha R, Wen Y-T, Ding D-C, Tsai R-K. Aberrant hiPSCs-derived from human keratinocytes differentiates into 3D retinal organoids that acquire mature photoreceptors. Cells. 2019; 8:E36.
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  9. Shrestha R, Khadka S, Wagle SR, Sapkota A. Detection of latent HIV-1 infection and drug-resistant mutation testing in Nepal: HIV-1 env V3 DNA sequence and RT Gene (M184V) mutation. Nepal Journal of Biotechnology. 2016; 4:18-25.
  10. Shrestha R, Palat A, Anbarasan S, and F D Paul Solomon. Variation in growth pattern and morphological appearance of primary monolayer cultures of chondrocytes and neural cells isolated from the chick embryo at different stages. Acta Medica International. 2015 2: 61-67.

Online News Portal Publications

  1. Rupendra Shrestha, April 9th, 2020. COVID-19: 50 Facts for Nepal. Disaster, Nature Khabar.
  2. Rupendra Shrestha, November 30th, 2018. First genetically engineered babies dade in china: lulu and nana. Science and Technology, Nature Khabar.
  3. Rupendra Shrestha, July 17th, 2017. First 3D structures of active DNA: update on world DNA day. Science and Technology, Nature Khabar.
  4. Rupendra Shrestha, April 25th, 2017. DNA data storage: movie encoded in the genomes of living bacteria. Science and Technology, Nature Khabar.
  5. Rupendra Shrestha, April 15th, 2017. World’s first baby with three genetic parents: DNA breakthrough. Science and Technology, Nature Khabar.
  6. Rupendra Shrestha, April 11th, 2017. Molecular genetic testing: prominence and facilities in Nepal. Science and Technology, Nature Khabar.